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Jun 21

Affirmations for the Other Side of the Mirror

By Patricia Biesen

When I was asked to contribute a post to Kidfirmations I felt a bit overwhelmed. Then I thought if I could go back in time what would I like to tell my childhood self. How would I encourage that girl experiencing a growth disorder known as Precocious Puberty (a.k.a. Precocious Adolescence or Early Puberty)? Precocious Puberty means having the signs of puberty (development of breasts, testes, pubic and underarm hair; menstrual bleeding; and increased growth rate) earlier than usual. Precocious puberty is puberty that starts before age 8 in a girl or 9 in a boy.

I reached adult height by the second grade. I was told I was “too big” for dolls, swings and all the things that make being a kid fun. I also have more European features and curly hair, which contributed to even more name-calling and being defined as “different”. All I ever wanted was to be normal and of course “pretty”. If given the chance to go back in time these are the affirmations that I would tell my childhood self overwhelmed by a situation she could not change:

I was created because I am so very needed and wanted in this world.
A beautiful butterfly has to start as a caterpillar. I appreciate every part of my journey.
I love every part of my body.
It is safe for me to stand out.
I am unique just like everyone else!
As I love my body, my body loves me back.
If we are all different there is no such thing as normal. Being different is normal!
You only have to look at a snowflake in winter or a springtime flower to appreciate nature’s differences.
What my body is experiencing is right and natural.
It’s good to be original – in fact it is GREAT!
I appreciate what is good about this situation right now.
I have the support of God and the angels.
I am filled with so much love that I can even love those kids who make fun of me, as we are one. We all have exquisite reasons for doing what we do.
It is safe for me to walk and stand tall.
Anytime I feel sad I will sing a happy song, paint something wonderful or do any activity that makes me happy.
Today is a new day that I create just as I want it to be.
I love seeing myself grow up and change.
I trust that all is well in my world.
I nurture my talents and the things I love to do.
As I love myself more I create a world where I am loved more and more each day.
I am beautiful just as I am!!
And so it is!


Patricia Biesen Writes for ChicagoNow’s (the Chicago Tribune’s affiliate website) Eclectic Eating Chicago.
Visit her blog.

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